Drunk Mess.

Ugh soooo many stories I have of me doing ridiculous things when I’m drunk. But this happen recently …well couple weeks ago …I’m not sure.

It was my friends birthday so I went to visit her at her uni which I have never been to so it was a new place for me and had no idea where what is. I had to get train back to my uni after as it was on a weekend and I had lessons on Monday it was like 4 hour journey on the train.

Of course there was loads of alcohol involved.. there wasn’t many of us just like 6 people…her and her boyfriend another girl and 2 boys. One of those guys sat next to me and we spoke and laughed he seemd decent but not really my type bit too skinny as im not my self it makes me uncomfortable around boy so I don’t really go for skinnier boys.

When we got to the club I had some shots I don’t even know what it was but I was goneeeee! Can’t remember the last time I was that drunk the worst part was I didnt know where I am like the city I haven’t been there before it made me even more sacred. So guess what the guy that sat next to me on pre drinks offers to take me home…yhmmm. He was my friends bestfriend so I hadon’t no reason to not trust him + I was toooooooooo drunk (big time) to decide for my self. So I went with him and then I don’t even know my self what happen it was the most embarrassing, weirdest thing …just wtf and thank God I didnt do it.

(I don’t want to write too much in one post so im going to make it into two instead  hope who ever reads this doesn’t mind just dont want to write a ‘book’ here haha)


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