6 Months.

What the hell.

(I will post everyday.. this is gone be my diary…. I need to express my self..blahblah)

“Your last post was 6 months ago”


Where was I ? What happen ? Was I kidnapped or in coma and no one told me?  Like seriously I don’t understand how I haven’t posted anything after I didn’t post anything in 33 days. This is why I had like 20 dairies and all of them only had first couple of pages written in.

Ughhh but yeah my life is still a complete MESS … nothing exacting happen if anything it got more embarrassing so more stories to share and make my readers day better and make you laugh…(A lot of laugh and thinking wtf girl.) Just basically my life.

I’m sorry I’ve been away for that long makes me look so bad specially I haven’t even posted that much, like I only just stared. But I’m being serious I have no idea what happen. I guess I kept on say ehh I write it tomorrow and somehow its 6 months later.


I’m back this time for real! I said that I will try to post everyday but its going to be hard because since I stared second year at university its been crazy. I try to at least post twice a week I could not post for like a week just depending when my deadlines are and how much work I have.

Sorry for sucking at this but I will do better promise (I’ll try).


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