33 days.

It’s been 33 days since my last post…

Woah quite a long time knowing I only started to write my blog and said I would write every day but you know it’s quite hard.I didnt stop writing because I got bored of doing this I just had a little break.


Well  it’s hard to explain it’s not like I didnt have any ideas it’s the opposite..  I have so much to write so many feelings to express and sooo much has happen over few days…birthday , meeting friends, Uni …a guy blehhh and more and I didn’t want to write it all together I wanted to separate it so each of the event or how I felt would be for specific post. I know this will sound stupid but I didn’t know how. I didn’t want to write a long ass post because I already do or write all of them at once and then feel empyt because I have nothing to write. Do you get what I mean?

Also I was in a bad mood for couple of days (month) so I didn’t feel like writing so instead I just kept everything in which is not good either but I kinda just became bit lazy when I was at home or just slept a lot ( no I don’t have a sleeping problem that’s kinda my hobby just like drinking I’m totally normal) but today! Tonight? Well it’s 3am so its a day…morning … anyway? Im feeling quite happy and I miss this and I don’t want my brain to go crazy again because I overthink a lot and this really helps me and the people that give me positive feedback back and that people actually read about my silly problems makes me think I can do this whole life thing and make my dreams come true .

So I had a break…. bit long break for a beginner haha .

But I’m back with more drama and more me being stupid stories so basically my life.

And if this makes no sense it’s probably because I’m writing it at 3am…


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