I’m so tired of people being on there phone 24/7 like I get it I use Snapchat too or take “selfies” but just once or twice like normally I don’t even use my phone , like I forget I even have one! What so amazing or interesting in there that you cant put it away for at least 1 minute!?

Whenever I go out with my friends or just spend time with them they either take pictures or record 100 times , like I understand if you take a picture with your friends or record it but not for the whole time your there …like put that phone away! Or just keep on texting like hey sorry I get it you are popular but can you socialize here and now? Even when they not texting or taking pictures they still playing with it like I’m sorry that I’m boring you !? Its just annoying I don’t understand it ,lets talk  ,lets play a game or something its just ridiculous how can you be so addicted to a phone ? What annoys me the most is when I’m trying to talk or tell a funny story they staring at their phone or texting. So I stop and ask if they are even listening to me  and what they reply …..OMG it gets me so aggravated arghh….” yeah yeah just keep on talking I’m listening just need to reply” Like cant you reply in a second will the world end or something?  Like those phones are glued to there hands with super glue or something.

Normally I put so much energy and try to make everyone laugh and forget about their phones but it doesn’t always work or does but not for long…Its sad when I sit there drinking my drink looking around the table and no one is here with me they are all in their phones. Its literally like I’m there by my self …And it’s funny because our generation is laughing at kids and moaning how they are addicted or stuck in the internet and they will never understand what it was like to be kids without phones , internet and stuff which is true but … but like you do it too ?  Moan about kids but you are the one that is addicted too? Kids look up to adults so we are the ones that encourage them? I remember when I wanted to go play outside I had to eat dinner and the vegetables and do whole multiplication table. For me to not go outside was the biggest punishment and now for kids going outside is the biggest punishment. I understand that its 21 century and technology is moving ahead but we let it , we buy it, we let it manipulate us.


Things will never be the same like they used too but there’s a certain level we should not cross right? Like I saw this advert about family going to the beach so the dad say to the kids “lets go” and they reply “but the movie didn’t finished yet” and the guy in the advert start to talk  “now you can even watch movies outside even on the beach…” and they showing those kids watching movies on tablets and phone on the beach… WHAT? …are they for real?  …Why? Why would you even let your kid watch movies on the beach the whole reason of going there is to spend some time together away from those stuff.

Its getting so bad ,so sad we starting to become invisible.. absent. We missing out on unforgettable moments with our family and friend. Stopping to be spontaneous and wasting our time on not real. The time is moving so fast you wont realize when you will turn 60 years old and realize you haven’t done anything. We missing the beauty of the world , we don’t realize how beautiful Earth is well only in adverts , instagram , facebook which might not even be real …NO! Move your ass go see it with your own eyes not for fame not for fans , for YOU! Leave your phone , tablets at home go out side look at the sky… breath and realize there’s more , there’s more to do with your life.

I understand not everyone sees it like me and I’m not trying to be rude or annoy anyone  I , I …I just miss the old days.


2 thoughts on “Absent.

  1. I have learned to ask for tech free time. I make it a rule of the date whether it be with my girlfriends or my husband. They can take photos or answer serious emergency texts or calls, but other than that, the time spent together should actually be spent together. I miss the good ‘ole days too. I miss being unreachable and going out into the world and experiencing it only to have someone talking on their phone because they can’t be by themselves alone with their thoughts. It’s aggravating and annoying, but unfortunately we have let people get away with it and now it’s the norm. It’s sad.

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