I never did an intro about my blog I just jumped straight into writing about my problems ….typical me. I’m 20 years old and I live in UK but I’m not British I moved to England when I was 10 years old. I’m currently studying Photography (as you can see I’m using my photographs in my posts ūüėČ ) and just finished my first year.

So this is my first blog I¬†never did anything like this before but I though instead of overthinking at night I might as well write about what’s bothering¬†me and get it out of my head. I try not to make them all sad and depressing but I can’t control how I feel and what I feel like wiring ¬†, obviously there will be some happy posts (hopefully). But I’m doing this to just write about my life and problems I guess , I will basically use this website like an online dairy. It’s really nice that people are actually reading my post , like I though that no one would ¬†notice me here , all the comments are lovely and ¬†mean a lot to me.¬†

I will try my best to write something everyday , but sometimes I¬†might not as I wont have anything to moan or complain about haha sometimes I will just go blank in my head and wont be able to write anything , but hopefully it wont happen a lot. Also my posts are quite long so I apologize for that but when I start to write I can’t stop.¬†

I will try to remain as “anonymous” as much as I can as this blog is quite private for me and I don’t want anyone from people I know to know about it. It’s just for me to … express my self and talk about things I don’t with others and just get it out of my head.¬†

I hope it makes sense …


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